sprinkle me water and sunshine…

and watch what may grow.  water is one of my favorite things to photograph.  falling water.  still water.  rough  water.  water.  water.  water.  it’s beautiful.

yesterdays walkabout was very short, sweet, and not super eventful.  but, i did snap a few photos cause…well…that’s what i do.  and i found some sprinklers sprayin’.  oh yeah!


watch where you dump.

there is always a photo to be found if you look hard enough

so i had another minnie stroll during working hours today.  sometimes it’s the only chance i get to snap some photos.  so i keep my eyes open wide for anything that looks like a photo op.

water. water is always stunning to photograph, in my opinion.  this is a tiny little waterfall in front of an apartment complex that i walk by often.  today it turned into the perfect picture (for me).

a little trickle goes a long way

succulents. the perfect plant for those of us without that “green thumb.”  and they make for beautiful pictures as well.

silky sharp

rains leftover

old pavement new growth. weeds.  they grow from odd places.  this was taken in an old empty parking lot.  curved cracks filled with green budding weeds.  beautiful.

new life

wall coverage. whats better then a beautiful bamboo like structure lining your land?

i don't think it's called bamboo but i want to call it bamboo


red. i love red in any atmosphere. any location.  this just seemed like the perfect combination. the red pipe, with those brick colored tipped plants in the background.


tones that work

white. fresh. just add some light peeling bark an.

light and airy. there is a God.

a very smart man once said to me:

“there is always a photograph to be found if you look hard enough.”-RB