an evening with kiely & this mornings bike ride

hello folks.  been a bit since i posted, but here i am.  been hanging out with my bff again, kiely, after much time away.  she is a character that you rarely find in the world.  you kinda cock your head to the side and think to yourself, “huh” when you take that first glance at her.  i adore her spirit.  below are a few pictures from the other evening adventure with kiely.  her on her fixie bike during sunset.  and just before.

the other photos are from this morning, taken during my new routine morning bike ride that i do a few times a week.  call it meditation.  i do.  there are a few pictures of random finds along the way, and after, while enjoying my coffee reward once the peddling stopped.


personality in hair

serious moment

peaceful moment


a different view of the sunset


beauty with in her and beyond her


mystery unfolds




personal expression


in her head


passer by


to reflect


to reflect, continued.


a new friend sat close


and his little paws shook



memories fade. camera brings life.

i was looking through my iphoto today for some specific pictures of co-workers, and I ran across these pictures shown here from a day adventure in venice beach.  this was several years ago, maybe 3 or 4.  i recall very much enjoying this particular day.  and coming across this find also reminded me that this is exactly why i enjoy photos and photographing so much.  it burns a memory in time. when your mind may fail you, a photo can bring the memory back to life.  enjoy.

A Trip To Venice Beach January 16, 2010

I decided it’s time I get out for a couple hours and take some photos.  So I hopped on my low-rider bicycle and headed to Venice Beach. I got a new lensbaby lens and wanted to test it out.  So I took a few with my new lens, and some with my standard.  I had a great time, until I got in a bicycle accident and landed flat on my face.  Ha Ha.  truth.  but I am almost healed up now and ready to hop on my awesome custom bike again soon.  Enjoy the series…