some random-ness

hey friends.  I went through some old photos today and have decided to post a few.  okay more than a few.  they are random-ish, kinda like me.  meaning, there is no lyrical theme here.  just photos from different times and years.  enjoy.

and then these last few were from todays walkabout…


How Real Are Your Dreams?

do you ever have dreams at night, and wake up feeling like you just lived them in your reality?  Waking up out of breath, or exhausted, as if having just run a marathon, or fought off a demon?  Ever wake up feeling bruised? sore? uncertain of what just happened or where you are?

I woke up this morning, feeling like I had just fought a battle… as if I was forced to save myself.  when I woke, I looked in the mirror and realized, I physically looked like I just fought for my life.  coincidence?  I have a logical answer for the darkness on my face, although this is a first.  But I don’t have a logical answer for my physical exhaustion and fight or flight feeling….it’s all fascinating to me.  when logic and reality merge with the unconscious to form an “altered reality.”

how real are your dreams?

P.S.  people seem to be worried here so I am adding this note.  NO I DIDN’T WAKE UP WITH REAL BRUISES ON MY FACE.  I WOKE UP WITH BLACK CRAP ALL OVER MY FACE.  CAME RIGHT OFF>  thus the comment of reality merging with the unconscious.

what just happened?