the official cruiser.

apologies, but i have been away for work.  went off on the royal carribean ALLURE ship to shoot a commercial for them.  oh wow, what an interesting experience.  sadly, my photos dont do justice to the experience cause i was the camera assistant for the director on this one, so i needed to be aware of his camera and have it ready at all times.  thus, i was not so available to takes snaps with my own gear.  however i did manage to get a few shots in on my own 50D.  not favorites, but they still speak to me.  please, enjoy.



landin in cozumel, mexico to shoot on the beach















suzie our fab wardrobe sylist






























very proud cruiser and marine of some sort.















my favorite. drink time from my perspective.















the dock we shot on















2nd favorite. our leaders refelction.















fresh coconut. the best water ever.















frozen fingers. frostbite on the cocktail glass. so yum..















my token postcard shot. that black bar...where did it come from? only i know...















kaz. nuff said.




















golf anyone? yes, on the ship.















flowrider skill.















macro flowrider board.















beer me, now please.















i say can. you say bottle.















then some ice please.















architecture. i found some.















beauty from nothing. what is it? u tell me..















simplicity on my hotel bed. beauty when looked at from my eye.















bad vegas like carpet. bad turned moderate.















ship architecture of a very obscure viewpoint. which i love!















guess what this is? drapes in the cabin on the ship. beauty when looked at from my angel. personal opinion of course.
















simple snapshot. Haiti local. loves his daughter. playing music for her.















a different view