Wild Animals Scare Me…..but tiny sea animals are Ok.

Yesterdays saturday adventure led Mark and I to some Tide Pools.  It was quite fun…something different then the normal daily routine.  My mind and body have been super anxious as of late, so it was nice to get out of my head and go play outdoors for a bit. The one disturbing part was once we got down the cliff, we turned the rocky corner and were faced with a very dead, half sliced open EEL.  It was a bit disturbing.  I wont horrify you with those pictures.

Then, on our way home mark was intrigued by a fountain he saw.  so we decided to take some pics of it.



Palos verdes cliffs

I liked what i saw

love the rock colors

feeling freeeeee

rock flying

sea creature


hmmmm? Mommas milk?

old statues are intriguing


poppas milk?