Saying Goodbye to Winter!

I have officially said “see ya later” to winter!  It was a horrible winter in New York.  Well a HORRIBLE February at least.  And I am grateful it appears to be over.  I will admit, however, that the cold and snow does make for some nice photos.  So here are a few iphoneography photos I took during the colder days.  Enjoy!


IMG_3251 IMG_2874 IMG_3274 IMG_3246 IMG_2853 IMG_2692 IMG_3245

I Think I Survived my Second Winter in New York!

A couple of days ago I went for an early walk in Central Park with the pups, and I could feel my toes & fingers the whole time.  They weren’t numb!  The sun was shining, the wind was absent, and it was over 40 degrees outside!  I think winter has officially ended!  Thank God!  I had to snap a few photos of the sun rising and the snow beginning to melt, to document the day winter officially ended…for me at least.

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new york…new york…

i went to NYC for the week after Christmas, so that I could spend some time with my girlfriend.  i had such an amazing time.  i decided not to bring my big 7D camera, because i wanted to keep my attention where it belonged, not on my camera and taking photos.  not this trip at least.  i did however, take a little point and shoot just incase.

walking through central park was one of my favorite experiences while in new york.  the weather was near perfect while i visited and the park was beautiful.  below are a few pictures i snapped along the way of the glorious park.