trash on fire!

todays adventure brought my friend monica and I into the downtown los Angeles area.  we visited the union square market, angels flight, little Tokyo, Bradbury building, and other random areas along the way.  it was a great time.

i have always been afraid of accidentally starting a fire in a trash can with a cigarette that wasnt put out all the way.  on our adventure today, we witnessed just this happen.  well i dunno if it was from a cigarette, but it was a trash can on fire.  kinda funny.

anyway, i have lived in the outskirts of downtown L.A. my whole life and have not been to most of the places that it’s known for.  so today was a sneak peak.

enjoy the photos.

on 2nd.

at the union market

beans at market

garlic n stuff




lunch break


no longer in business at the market

peeps waiting ot eat

exact change

angels ride

we deliver!

slick transportation

hot dog anyone?


yes, i bought a lottery ticket from here!

half dead

air dry is the only way

reflect this!

no title needed.

no title needed.

i wanna go where they are going!


i sense saddness

flip up glasses are back?

whats on for today?

when i see this, it hurts.

she hides.

when i see this, i smile.

little tokyo

time to shop?



Monica admiring the moca art


jesus anyone?

scoot shootin' boogy.