some random-ness

hey friends.  I went through some old photos today and have decided to post a few.  okay more than a few.  they are random-ish, kinda like me.  meaning, there is no lyrical theme here.  just photos from different times and years.  enjoy.

and then these last few were from todays walkabout…


It’s been awhile. I think I was lost.

Wow, I haven’t picked up my camera for almost a month I think.  So here I am again.  Life’s been interesting.  challenging.  But I am trudging forward working towards becoming a better person…living a happy life….and doing the things I enjoy most.  Yes…photography being one of them!  I really enjoy looking through my lens and seeing the world in a different light.  or even the process of walking around searching for that moment..that photograph.  In doing so, I am offered a peak into the lives of others .  In the observational form of course….generally from a distance.  I can create stories about who they are and where they come from.  I can envy them, or I can feel sorry for them.  I can smile at strangers, welcoming a hello for that second.  Maybe in doing so, they experienced a brief moment of relief, or sincerity from another human being.  Does this all sound super cheeeezball?  well, in some ways it is cheezy. As if  I am speaking poetically…but in other ways, it’s the truth spoken and the way  I am able to enter the lives of strangers, briefly.

Now onto the photographs….off I went for a short walk just before sunset.  I threw my Lensbaby lens on the camera and took a few photos with the distorted beauty the lensbaby can create.  Enjoy….

till next time…

the trippy tree house

mother and daughter.

just liked what I saw here

as we grow...we lean one direction or another.

lensbaby sunset

the color puzzle

the flock flies

A Trip To Venice Beach January 16, 2010

I decided it’s time I get out for a couple hours and take some photos.  So I hopped on my low-rider bicycle and headed to Venice Beach. I got a new lensbaby lens and wanted to test it out.  So I took a few with my new lens, and some with my standard.  I had a great time, until I got in a bicycle accident and landed flat on my face.  Ha Ha.  truth.  but I am almost healed up now and ready to hop on my awesome custom bike again soon.  Enjoy the series…