lensbaby lake tahoe playing

i played a little bit with my lensbaby lens on the quick tahoe trip.  these pictures make me dizzyyyyyyyy.

blue jay tree chillin. shot with lensbaby.

neighbor dog creeping around. shot with lensbaby.

he dined and dashed! told ya not to trust them squirrels! shot with lensbaby.

partial. shot with lensbaby.

yard. shot with lensbaby.

pine needles on small tree. shot with lensbaby. whacked out effect that was produced.


hello there!  it sure has been awhile since I have posted on this blog.  i’ve been very lost in other worldly things, but that is a shit excuse for not getting out and taking pictures of the world and it’s things.  it’s something that makes me happy.  so why not make time for it?!  seems like a no brainer.

i went up to lake tahoe for a quick trip to grab mom and drive her home from the lovely lake.  i was a cleaner and a packer and a driver for most of the trip, but i did manage to escape for about 45 minutes to wonder through nature and take some pictures of whatever i could find to photograph.  it was fun, and that’s all that matters.

i saw a crap-load of blue jays and squirrels right outside the house, cause mom feeds them daily with heaping mounds of birdseed.  they are pretty animals to watch, well the blue-jays are at least.  squirrels are just odd creatures, in my opinion.  im grateful i didnt see a bear this year, or a coyote!  just sayin…

on my short adventure out in the “wilderness”, i captured what i saw that looked interesting to me in some way.  below are a few pics of that.

i did manage to see the lake as well, but it was freeeeezing in tahoe these last several days and no one was at the beach.  i just grabbed a few shots there and left explore the “wilderness.”

awwwe da little guy

look close

tree trunk beauty

bamboo and light=purtyyy

bamboo and light=purtyy once again

last chance for a wish!

dead beauty

the dead and dying


a partial view

trickle of a shore wave

i just took the pic because i liked it