I was led to the alleys on todays non-smokers “smoking Break”

You can always find odd things in alley’s.  Peoples old furniture, mattresses, clothes, lost belongings, etc.  Today I found raw chicken hanging out of it’s purchased bag…sprawled out on the pavement.  ewwwww.  Disease just festering.  Alley’s are one of the most fascinating places, and dirtiest places.  Some would say dangerous when alone at night, but I’m not afraid.  I enjoy the alleys in the dark.  and the people.  the oddities.  the naughtiness you know occurs there.  The homes the homeless build there at nightfall.  The lost dogs (they scare me).  Anyway, you get my drift….There is always something to be found in an alley…day or night.

here is what I ran across on my walk today…

This will be someones bed tonight...

kinda gross. and not so safe for the animals.

lost? stolen? or kicked out of thier home?

someone elses art has turned into my art.