the search for a picture

finding a good moment or image to capture does not have to be a struggle.  it’s all in the way you choose to see the world.  find something you initially view as ordinary, and look at it from a different angle.  perhaps from an ants view.  or a bird’s eye view.  perhaps you put your eye above and look down.  when you are walking around, look up and explore what lies above you.  there is so much beauty around us that we can so easily miss.  don’t take the expected photo.  try a different approach.  soon you will begin to observe the world and all it has to offer in a different way.  things you never would look twice at may become beautiful in your eyes.  you’ll find art in places you never thought art could exist.  at least that has been my experience in the last few years since taking up photography.

give it a try.

here are the things i saw on todays walkabout.  same neighborhood as always, different views of the things around.  there is always a new picture if you look from a different angle.

a trip through the alleyway

todays mini walk took me through a couple of alleys.  alleyways are thought of as ugly, dirty places.  i don’t see them as that.  something you might consider an eyesore, might be a delight through my lens.  it just takes looking at things differently.  look at the barbed wire fence from a different angle, and it can look quit interesting.  same with the empty 40 bottle of beer.  or the torn up old basketball net.  try to see it in a different view, or a different light, and it changes.

have a look for yourself.  here is the ugly I found beauty in during todays walk through the alleys.