sprinkle me water and sunshine…

and watch what may grow.  water is one of my favorite things to photograph.  falling water.  still water.  rough  water.  water.  water.  water.  it’s beautiful.

yesterdays walkabout was very short, sweet, and not super eventful.  but, i did snap a few photos cause…well…that’s what i do.  and i found some sprinklers sprayin’.  oh yeah!


watch where you dump.

the search for a picture

finding a good moment or image to capture does not have to be a struggle.  it’s all in the way you choose to see the world.  find something you initially view as ordinary, and look at it from a different angle.  perhaps from an ants view.  or a bird’s eye view.  perhaps you put your eye above and look down.  when you are walking around, look up and explore what lies above you.  there is so much beauty around us that we can so easily miss.  don’t take the expected photo.  try a different approach.  soon you will begin to observe the world and all it has to offer in a different way.  things you never would look twice at may become beautiful in your eyes.  you’ll find art in places you never thought art could exist.  at least that has been my experience in the last few years since taking up photography.

give it a try.

here are the things i saw on todays walkabout.  same neighborhood as always, different views of the things around.  there is always a new picture if you look from a different angle.

rather then smoke, i go on walkabouts.

yes yes i am in the midst of quitting smoking, again.  i am about 1.5 months in and it feels great.  since smoking became such a routine excuse for me to go outside many times throughout the day, i had to find something else to bring me outdoors.  walkabouts.  walkabouts now replace my cigarette “breaks.” sometimes my camera is attached to me on these mini excursions.  on those days, i challenge myself to find something new to photograph around the neighborhood of my office.

below are photos from todays two walkabouts.  random photos of things i walked by. enjoy.  and remember, you can find a picture in anything your eyes can see.

just snap it!


that is the feeling i got today. an overwhelming feeling.  must. shoot. photos. now. so i went with it.  it wasnt the most photographic day, but at least i got to hear the shutter working on my camera.  i am a little more fueled now.  i love taking pictures.  because i am often looking for a moment/space/person/place/thing to  stop time with, i notice much more of the world around me.  my eyes are constantly looking, and i become very aware of my surroundings.  it is a beautiful thing.


everything i know in life i learned from dr. seuss.

people need a reminder not to throw packages over fence?


old bell

old bell

abandoned but occupied

the butterfly moment.

red dominates

flower me happy

Halloween must be coming up…

cause the kids sure are damn cute today!  I spent the morning at my nieces school, watching the little ones parade around in their costumes.  it was such a joy.  oh to live like a child….i try to live in that illusory type world as much as possible.  why be so serious just cause we must “grow” into adults?  at 35, i am finally realizing that taking life too seriously just leads to disappointments and unanswered expectations.

with that said, laugh it up, love it up, and go out and have some fun.


what an angel!

peace dude.

the princess age

fearless leader of the pack

i smiled cause you smiled at me.

buzzin by

patient princess. or is she queen?

super mario, yo!


monsters dont get time out! no fair!

robot, square head.

i lost cheech!

her first blood. (my niece)

Im gonna bite you auntie donna!

W is for weekend.

and below is a bit of what i saw.

i am currently struggling….feeling like i need to step things up a notch in the photography realm of my life, but i dont know how to go about doing that.  i am ready to learn…now if only the teacher would appear.

thanks for looking…

if you're happy over there, i am happy over here.

Rainbow Brite.

the look.

early calmness.

confident trot.

you see the whole, i see a portion.

aging with grace.

true story.

i love the IDEA of people.

hang with me.

try it on.

the story of a summer sunday walkabout.

summer is here.  people are out.  enjoying the sun.  being human.  and today i felt like walking around a bit and seeing what i could find.  i saw people.  places.  things.  and i shot a bit of them all.

each moment captured will never duplicate itself again in the same way.  that’s one thing i love about photography. it can’t ever really be exactly duplicated in camera.  can come close, but never exact.  something in frame will be slightly different.  the light.  a shadow.  the position.  color.  etc.  so to me, with every image i capture, its representative of a moment in time that shall never return again.  how amazing is that!

i hope you enjoy.