piglet the genius

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.  “Pooh!” he whispered.  “Yes, Piglet?”  “Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw.  “I just wanted to be sure of you.”

i love this quote. Sometimes you just want to know he/she is there.  whoever it might be…a person you trust.  a person that holds your secrets. a person that cheers you on. encourages you. loves you unconditionally. a person that makes you feel safe.

the day when you look in the crowd and expect them to be there, and they have vanished, is a day the heart hurts.

sometimes, we must feel that.


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5:30a.m. saturday morning. I hear rain.

Wow, another night of restless sleep, or lack there of.  I really need to sort this situation out.  It’s taking it’s toll on my mind and body…physically exhausted and mentally shutdown by lunch time.  No bueno.  I’ve tried melatonin tylenol PM, some other over the counter sleep aid, and prescription pills.  Nada has kept me asleep through the night.  I live and deal with it, but some days it get’s to me more than others.

I am on day 7, living life as a non-smoker.  Couldn’t be more proud of myself.  7 days is quite the accomplishment for a girl like me.  Trust me on that!  It has also been two weeks since I have had any alcoholic beverage.  Trying to build my health back, one day at a time.  🙂

Anyway..I am enjoying my coffee in bed now as I type this blog.  I love coffeeeeeee and I look forward to it every morning.  In fact it’s the last thing I generally think about before I go to sleep…my morning coffee and the happy feeling I will have when i wake up in the morning and enjoy a nice cup. (one cig of the day I do miss, is the one with my coffee)!

happy saturday to you all.  Enjoy and Please smile at a stranger today…

Early Morning Coffee in Bed!

I made a spaz purchase last night…but I think it was a good choice.  See here is my problem…I don’t sleep well at night.  I am up many hours thru the night, and that’s when my mind comes up with these “genius” ideas.  And being a very obsessive, instant gratification kind of a gal, I must execute these ideas immediately!  And so I did….I purchased a 27 inch imac desktop computer.  It sure is a beauty!  I decided that I needed it for two very important reasons…ONE, for my work/job I create large photoshop projects and I can’t see them at full scale on my laptop screen.  It’s starting to wear on my eyes!  and TWO, it will be much nicer to work with my photography on a gigantoid screen.  and I guess there is a THIRD reason…..it is friggin’ cool looking….it’s eye candy in electronic form. Now if only I had a HOUSE so I can have a nice spot in the corner office for my new toy!  Hmmm…one thing at a time I suppose….next stop….NEW LENSES.  I suspect at this rate I will be broke and on the streets next to the lost shoe I ran across yesterday.  Yeah ummm, I guess the lenses will have to wait awhile!

Happy Wednesday & please remember to smile at a stranger today!

Change is in the air…

Have you ever woken up or had a moment where your brain and your emotional being connect…and you know at that moment, you have changed?  Well…that happened to me a week ago…and I started on a road less followed by those around me.  But I knew it was what I needed, or I was going to sink deeper than I already had, with a good chance of never climbing out.

I welcomed the change that morning that I woke.  And I continue to welcome it.  There is no picture to go with this blog…it’s just me sharing.  But because of this change in me, there will be more photos and more photos, cause all I want to do in life is do what I love with all the passion in me.  And that is to document life….