sometimes all it takes is a cucumber

a little while back i visited the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, Ca for my girlfriends birthday.  a surprise night.  we landed up at the top of the hotel, what’s called the Penthouse.  Amazing views from coast to coast.  great atmospheric bar.  interesting people.  and one hell of a cucumber cocktail somethin’ or other.  man was it tasty and refreshing!  i could go for one right now.  but it’s lent, so no booze for 40 days total.  i’m not even catholic, but i am doing it.  don’t ask.  it’s a long story.

if you are ever in santa monica, i would highly recommend you visit the Huntley Hotels Penthouse restaurant/bar.  it’s a grand place.  and get the cucumber cocktail.  oh yeah and be sure to visit the restroom, the handicap stall.  there is a huge window in there with an amazing view for you while you do your business.  sorry boys, not sure what your stall looks like.

here’s to cucumbers:

please click on image for full size view.


cucumber bliss




calling all crazies

okay.  i LOVE sia.  ADORE. she is a NUTBAG.  but you cant help but fall madly deeply head over heels in love with her.  why? she is genuine.  pure.  shes like a wind up doll.  real.  and odd as they come, but oh so magical.  the below video made my mouth drop because it is so friggin’ random.  its pure awesome-ness.  i would highly recommend you look up some of her other videos, and dive into her other music.  her lyrics will for sure pinch your soul.  and if they dont, i suggest you seek therapy.  this is not a favorite song of mine…by any means.  but i had to share the video.