sometimes all it takes is a cucumber

a little while back i visited the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, Ca for my girlfriends birthday.  a surprise night.  we landed up at the top of the hotel, what’s called the Penthouse.  Amazing views from coast to coast.  great atmospheric bar.  interesting people.  and one hell of a cucumber cocktail somethin’ or other.  man was it tasty and refreshing!  i could go for one right now.  but it’s lent, so no booze for 40 days total.  i’m not even catholic, but i am doing it.  don’t ask.  it’s a long story.

if you are ever in santa monica, i would highly recommend you visit the Huntley Hotels Penthouse restaurant/bar.  it’s a grand place.  and get the cucumber cocktail.  oh yeah and be sure to visit the restroom, the handicap stall.  there is a huge window in there with an amazing view for you while you do your business.  sorry boys, not sure what your stall looks like.

here’s to cucumbers:

please click on image for full size view.


cucumber bliss




im not in los angeles anymore. or am i?

this fourth of july, amy and i went for a hike through the escondido falls trail in malibu, ca.  it was beautiful.  certainly took you away from the los angeles city surroundings and placed you in a world of wonderland.  i truthfully didnt know such places existed so close to my concrete based, technological superhighway called home.

the trail was not manicured by any means.  and was said to be easy-moderate.  hmmmm not so sure i would follow that definition.  but that was part of the fun i suppose.  it was like a guessing game at points as to which way we were suppose to go.  as well as which plant was poison ivy.  but once we reached the falls, tier by tier, every question in my mind that popped up along the way (i.e. are you out of your mind donna) made the trek well worth it.  and i would do again without question.

I am a wuss with heights, and did get momentarily paralyzed at one point when trying to act like a hot shot tough guy.  landing up over a cliff feeling dangerously close to my death.  okay thats a little dramatic, but it sure felt that way at the time.  I am also a little bit of a puss when it comes to wild animals…okay a big bit of a puss, but the wildest thing we saw were lizards, and i can deal with those.

enjoy the pictures and dont forget to smile at a stranger today.

now how the heck do we get up there?

amy at the first of the falls


i love the moss

a lushy trickle

i spy.....amy....


this reminds me of a sci fi flick...

more texture

los cabos, mexico

Here are some pictures from my recent holiday to Los Cabos, Mexico.  June 5th-12th…2010.  Was lovely weather.  Lovely people.  And Lovely drinks…..of course until they threw that last tequilla shot down your throat! There is a lot of tequilla shooting going on in Mexico!

I would really love to find a way to move to Mexico.  Live and work from there. I feel at peace when I am there.  At home.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Joey in the pool at the resort. an everyday pose for him while there.

silver sellers playing cards. waiting for rush hour.

waiting for customers

horses and the beach.

early morning fishing

in downtown san jose. a thrifty's ice cream? they don't even exist in the states anymore.


he's got something he wants to show someone!

and he won't stop till his mission is complete!

red alert

double red alert

joey c'mon man hurry up!

tequilla tasting shop- inside out

tequilla tasting shop- loved the light and glass combo

just liked what i saw

sign on a tequilla shop door

what you need? baby I got it!

tiny corner shop in san jose

another shop in san jose

I see color!

i like to eat cactus

cabo san lucas-lover's beach-dangerous waters

joey at lover's beach contemplating life

joey and our new friend heather at lover's beach

crash...splash...lover's beach

leaving lover's beach in the water taxi

leaving the lovers behind...

human statue

sellin' on cabo san lucas beach

the end.

Wild Animals Scare Me…..but tiny sea animals are Ok.

Yesterdays saturday adventure led Mark and I to some Tide Pools.  It was quite fun…something different then the normal daily routine.  My mind and body have been super anxious as of late, so it was nice to get out of my head and go play outdoors for a bit. The one disturbing part was once we got down the cliff, we turned the rocky corner and were faced with a very dead, half sliced open EEL.  It was a bit disturbing.  I wont horrify you with those pictures.

Then, on our way home mark was intrigued by a fountain he saw.  so we decided to take some pics of it.



Palos verdes cliffs

I liked what i saw

love the rock colors

feeling freeeeee

rock flying

sea creature


hmmmm? Mommas milk?

old statues are intriguing


poppas milk?