About Me

That's Me! Nice To Meet You!

I am driven by the right side of my brain.
RIGHT BRAINED: Of or relating to a person whose behavior is dominated by emotion, creativity, intuition, nonverbal communication, and global reasoning rather than logic and analysis.

That’s me.


I’m a bundle of creative confusion or solidified boredom. depending on the day.

I love photography. period.

I lean towards black & white photos.  Once you strip life of its color, the truth is revealed.

I love voyeuristic photography.  (No no, not what your mind is thinking!)

I am teaching myself the trade. Finding my own style.  And having fun while doing so.



  1. natureshot · September 15, 2011

    Hi Donna. I’ll just say what everyone else does. Nice pics. Yanno, the one you have titled “reflect”, the one with the boats. I’d love to see that one in black and white, bet it would be awesome. Hey, I’ve started a new blog on macro. No photos on wordpress site yet, but have a link to a webpage with all of my photos. Check it out if you will. I’d love to have your critique. Ciao

  2. The Life Style Concept · January 23, 2012

    Hello Donna, thank you for following the Life Style Concept! Great pictures! Love it!

  3. Hey Donna! i want to say you do great work with your photogrphy. I want to say you are an artist.

  4. pablo4stur · September 24, 2012

    Hello Donna, I love your photos, you’ve gained a new subscriber. I also take photos and if you could just check out my blog, that would be amazing, thank you and keep up the good work!

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