snap! snap! snap! a few snaps bring a few laughs.

show me sexy!  show me fierce!  give me serious!  give me sweet!  snap…snap…snap…

nothing but a moment of fun here with a few snaps of my co-worker…tricia.  she is a wild child with a sense of humor like no other I’ve known.  adore this girl.


and that fun moment came after my very quick walkabout for today.  yes still taking walk breaks during work, since i no longer smoke!  taking pictures of whatever might catch my eye.  im random.  my photos are random.  life is random.


thanks for stopping by!  don’t forget to check out my other blogs.  MY.BLIND.WORLD.  is a blog i just started.  check it out, its fun! and my other blog TrashieART is about upcycle art.  it shows art that i make out of trash, or things that i would ordinarily throw away.  another fun blog.

till next time..


  1. Capturing Light · March 22, 2012

    hummmm…I can’t decide which is my favorite. Daisy’s[ja]…meters[p] or the window sill [n]
    I love that you have replaced smoking with creative release!! good job.

    • donnadennisonphotography · March 22, 2012

      thank you so much. i really appreciate your support. yes, i had to replace smoking with something and it had to involve movement and distraction! 🙂

  2. free penny press · March 28, 2012

    I’m late for the slideshow.. did not know you had a photo blog too..
    love the shoes and the meters (gas meters?)

    • donnadennisonphotography · March 28, 2012

      thanks so much! yeah i have 3 blogs that are all different subject matters. my third one is trashieART. check it out if you want and thanks fro all your support!

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