Halloween must be coming up…

cause the kids sure are damn cute today!  I spent the morning at my nieces school, watching the little ones parade around in their costumes.  it was such a joy.  oh to live like a child….i try to live in that illusory type world as much as possible.  why be so serious just cause we must “grow” into adults?  at 35, i am finally realizing that taking life too seriously just leads to disappointments and unanswered expectations.

with that said, laugh it up, love it up, and go out and have some fun.


what an angel!

peace dude.

the princess age

fearless leader of the pack

i smiled cause you smiled at me.

buzzin by

patient princess. or is she queen?

super mario, yo!


monsters dont get time out! no fair!

robot, square head.

i lost cheech!

her first blood. (my niece)

Im gonna bite you auntie donna!


  1. DJ FOX · October 28, 2011

    Awesome shots Donna! Thanks for sharing. Keep ’em coming! :)xo

  2. Mark · October 28, 2011

    Damn I miss the school Halloween day with the kids!! That was a fun one!

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