there is beauty in nature, always.

hi friends.  apologies for not having photographed or blogged for quite some time.  life and its path for me sent me astray for a bit.  but hopefully i am back.  i snapped a few nature photographs today on a walk around the block.  the after lunch break.  im trying to get use to my new canon 7D and i am having some trouble getting the hang of it.  practice practice.  these were taken on my macro lens, still my favorite of all my lenses. please click on image to get the full effect.



peeping tom

















looks familiar...














another day gone by.


















im a softy with a rough edge.














my angels wing.

















One comment

  1. Mark · January 21, 2011

    Love Centipedes! I think you found a new niche. I will call you microansel….I get to be your assistant no matter what and travel around the world with you! That’s Final

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