my findings on a walk with the pups

i am staying at my moms for a few days, and am in charge of walking the dogs.  this morning, after the night rain, i decided to bring my camera along for the ride.  let me tell you, taking photographs with two dogs tugging at you to keep on going, is quite the challenge.  today was nature focussed.  water droplets.  and the like.



  1. Cindi Trujillo · October 30, 2010

    hi donna,
    i have the grandboys here and Johnny’s favorite is the 6th one down ( yellow flower with water drops ) and Justins favorite is the 7th one down (lime green upside down one)
    those are his exact words… 🙂 WE LOVE U.

  2. sean · October 31, 2010

    You should consider doing a nature calendar or a line of cards. These are really fantastic!

  3. Mark · November 1, 2010

    I love what that lens does to water! When I get my house I want to put wet nature pics on all the walls, but also have mostly glass to see it live……. but then I will have to wipe the water off the glass to see clearly the nature…so maybe I will just have the pictures and no windows. That seems easier.

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