los cabos, mexico

Here are some pictures from my recent holiday to Los Cabos, Mexico.  June 5th-12th…2010.  Was lovely weather.  Lovely people.  And Lovely drinks…..of course until they threw that last tequilla shot down your throat! There is a lot of tequilla shooting going on in Mexico!

I would really love to find a way to move to Mexico.  Live and work from there. I feel at peace when I am there.  At home.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Joey in the pool at the resort. an everyday pose for him while there.

silver sellers playing cards. waiting for rush hour.

waiting for customers

horses and the beach.

early morning fishing

in downtown san jose. a thrifty's ice cream? they don't even exist in the states anymore.


he's got something he wants to show someone!

and he won't stop till his mission is complete!

red alert

double red alert

joey c'mon man hurry up!

tequilla tasting shop- inside out

tequilla tasting shop- loved the light and glass combo

just liked what i saw

sign on a tequilla shop door

what you need? baby I got it!

tiny corner shop in san jose

another shop in san jose

I see color!

i like to eat cactus

cabo san lucas-lover's beach-dangerous waters

joey at lover's beach contemplating life

joey and our new friend heather at lover's beach

crash...splash...lover's beach

leaving lover's beach in the water taxi

leaving the lovers behind...

human statue

sellin' on cabo san lucas beach

the end.


  1. Dj FOX · June 18, 2010

    Awesome pics! Looks like you had a great time. I’m stealing the leaving Lovers Beach photo for my screensaver!! Thank you! xo

  2. Rebecca Davis · June 18, 2010

    Wow! So many good ones here. And what a great way to end the series!
    Thanks for sharing these! xoxo

  3. cindi · June 19, 2010

    Not fair…I want to go too. My favorite shot was the one of the Mexican Flag… The End

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