M5 Photo shoot….survival style.

Good morning and happy Sunday.  Yesterday was a fun, adventurous day.  Photo shoot for my girl Morgan’s new fashion line, M5.  Eco-friendly clothes.  There was a little rock climbing, stream jumping, bush crawling, bug avoiding, and beach chilling.  God Bless the best assistant ever, Mark, who threw Miss Morgan over his shoulder on a few occasions to escape water, mud, and other unidentifiable nature goop.  LOL.  Thanks Mark for being a trooper.  You are hired from this day forward!

I’d say it was a successful day.

No stinkbugs were harmed during this photoshoot.

and that's a wrap!


  1. Dj FOX · April 26, 2010

    Wowza……..awesome pics ladies. I have been waiting for these! Love love the one of her laughing!

  2. Dj FOX · April 26, 2010

    The Red dress, black/white pics are awesome, the white dress against the rocks/ocean w/o Morgan’s face is great!

  3. Dj FOX · April 26, 2010

    Oh, forgot to say the 1st pic with the bandana is perfect!! Keep them coming Donna!! xo

  4. donnadennisonphotography · April 26, 2010

    thanks DJ!

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