another sunset, another view


I don’t have much to say tonight.  saw the sunset…saw the tall grasses in the wind…wanted to see the view between the grasses….climbed over the fence…crept down…and shot.  I’m not a big fan of the sunset cliché photographs, but I imagined the view through the grasses and had to go grab it tonight.  My friend mark looked at the pictures and said “those look how you feel right now.” not quite sure how to take that.  sappy you say?  yes, perhaps.  but…Im extra sensitive today I suppose, so deal with it.  🙂  besides, it’s best to take photos when you are emotionally unstable….at least in my mind.  but I guess that’s not sayin’ much….ha ha ha.

I through in a couple pictures of my buddy Mark as well….

till next time.  and please remember to smile at a stranger today…

Mark looking all suave 'n' sh*t.

Mark looking all miami vice-ish

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