the things I see on a friday night.

as I have been walking to my new regular friday night destination lately, there were a few things I noticed along the way that I wanted to photograph.  and I finally did.  there is the bar 14 below…the outside of it with its dark jail like underground stairwell with it’s red light leading the path to debauchery down below.  and the sticker collection on the once shiny metal bar thingy..

then there is a very very old, rotting cone, placed gently over a bar sticking out of the ground.  I mean this thing has been there for years!  it’s certainly not the bright shiny glowing orange color it once was.  I just had to photograph it.

and lastly, there is this car with a reddish/orange-ish very rusted and corroded hood.  just something I thought I’d shoot…I do love textures.

that’s all folks…for tonight.

14 below, santa monica

14 below pole of art by stickers

decomposing cone

decomposing cone...focus change

someone must love this car dearly. Love the hood texture.

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