when in doubt, revert back to childhood.

One sure way I have discovered to get out of ones own head, is to turn back time and act as a child.  Today I spent a few hours with a friend being silly at the pier arcade.  I mean seriously, it’s virtually impossible to not have a constant smile on your face while playing air hockey.  Give it a try…..I challenge you.

It was not an artsy photography day by any means…just documented a couple moments of goofiness.  We were having too many child chuckles to document skiball, boxing, pinball, and air hockey….but here are a couple photos to prove we were there!

ridin' the duckie

and mark rides the doggy lookin all serious.

giddy-yup dog!

run forrest run!


  1. DJ FOX · April 15, 2010

    You’re so cool Donna!! Love you to pieces. xo

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