Friday 20 minute walkabout.

well well, surprise surprise, I let my emotions get the best of me for a moment…a long moment.  I needed to calm myself so I chose to walk around for a bit before meeting my new friend for coffee and a chat.  Taking photos really does have a calming effect on me.  It helps bring me a step closer to that word I often use…serenity….at least briefly.  I only had about 20 minutes to find a few images I wanted to try and capture.  I seemed to lean towards the nature macro stuff today.  Which, I love.  Macro.  I just love macro shots.  I also bumped into a few workers from whole foods who insisted I use them for a “kodak moment.”  as I walked away after taking a snapshot…one of the gentlemen shouted out “that’s a keeper!”  and so I shall share it.  and it will go in my vault.  It makes me happy, those brief encounters with strangers.  They are quick life moments that will never again be repeated in the same way.

enough babble from me.  enjoy the photos…

looks so tall from this angle!

sidewalk view

looking a bit vintage dont ya think?

the whole foods hard workers.

tiny little leaves, taking over a wall.

Venice motel..vouyeristic shot.

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