Sunday Sunshine and a Look at Life.

I decided today to go for a walk, with camera in hand.  from my home to the beach and then wherever I was taken.  My families dog dies a few days ago, and it has made me sad..not for me, but for my mom who adores her animals.  Work has been very busy.  Life has been ever changing.  It just felt like the right time to go about the world and see what I could find.  and here is where my eye took me..

hope you enjoy…


new friends met on my journey...jose & ceasar

warmth. I felt warmth when I saw him. wanting to give warmth.

first artist act I've seen that doesnt want $. just enjoying.

hes's searching for search aswell.

dog love

undefined age. bliss.

he sleeps. wish I had more to give...

he was yelling at nothing...yet I wanted to take him home and give him a shower. I'm confused by the streets. beauty and sorrow...a struggle of emotions.

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