Palm Springs Continued….

Had a fantastic weekend in Palm Springs with my family downstairs and chelsie.  We did a whole lotta nothing and a whole lotta this and that.  It was perfect…Look for yourself…

Long left behind...

ants eye view

chelsie enjoying the life in Palm Springs

the desert sky

One of my girls..blood or not she has my heart...

daddy #3. cant have too many daddy's!!

my little almost 13 yr old!

chelsie...a big thank youuuuuuu....Mmmmmm yeah from all of us.

pop's looking for the next big realstate deal.

nicole is the engine for daddy...

momma #3 working her vacation time...

my baby girl nicole..breakin' the rules, breakin the rules'

my older baby girl breakin' the rules, breakin' the rules

my water princess

and my ypoungest water princess

one of my baby in the making...

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