Bring Me Peace Please…

ahhhh, a quick getaway from the world I know…..2 hours away, flat, brown in color, and oh sooooo beautiful.  Palm Springs.  A weekend away with Kari and her family, and chels.  Yes, the weather says rain tomorrow here in PS, but that won’t stop this wild bunch from having fun.  I have no problem roasting marshmallows in the rain!  It can and will be done.

I went for a walk and found a couple things to photograph.  Random stuff, as usual.  I am no longer calling these little adventures the “non-smokers smoking break.”  Why you ask?  cause a very wise woman and friend told me it wasn’t a good idea cause I am still considering these breaks as smoking breaks, and I am not suppose to be a smoker anymore.  Although I have slipped up….time to go back to the hypnotist.  I am determined to beat this addiction (and all my others..ha ha ha)

okay enough chatter…here are the random pictures I took on my walkabout..

I just like this picture....

Thick wire on the Golf Course

The Golf Club Protector dude

The Random Things I Find Beautiful

Anthole complete with aunts

Crack in the Street

Someone's sorrow left behind

morning clouds and mountains


  1. Paris · February 20, 2010

    What I find most compelling is the beauty that you capture in the things that most people like myself over look or simply take for granted. Bravo Bella I am interested to see where your lens takes you next…..que bella vita

  2. Raj · February 20, 2010

    Very Nice.

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