5:30a.m. saturday morning. I hear rain.

Wow, another night of restless sleep, or lack there of.  I really need to sort this situation out.  It’s taking it’s toll on my mind and body…physically exhausted and mentally shutdown by lunch time.  No bueno.  I’ve tried melatonin tylenol PM, some other over the counter sleep aid, and prescription pills.  Nada has kept me asleep through the night.  I live and deal with it, but some days it get’s to me more than others.

I am on day 7, living life as a non-smoker.  Couldn’t be more proud of myself.  7 days is quite the accomplishment for a girl like me.  Trust me on that!  It has also been two weeks since I have had any alcoholic beverage.  Trying to build my health back, one day at a time.  🙂

Anyway..I am enjoying my coffee in bed now as I type this blog.  I love coffeeeeeee and I look forward to it every morning.  In fact it’s the last thing I generally think about before I go to sleep…my morning coffee and the happy feeling I will have when i wake up in the morning and enjoy a nice cup. (one cig of the day I do miss, is the one with my coffee)!

happy saturday to you all.  Enjoy and Please smile at a stranger today…

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