Early Morning Coffee in Bed!

I made a spaz purchase last night…but I think it was a good choice.  See here is my problem…I don’t sleep well at night.  I am up many hours thru the night, and that’s when my mind comes up with these “genius” ideas.  And being a very obsessive, instant gratification kind of a gal, I must execute these ideas immediately!  And so I did….I purchased a 27 inch imac desktop computer.  It sure is a beauty!  I decided that I needed it for two very important reasons…ONE, for my work/job I create large photoshop projects and I can’t see them at full scale on my laptop screen.  It’s starting to wear on my eyes!  and TWO, it will be much nicer to work with my photography on a gigantoid screen.  and I guess there is a THIRD reason…..it is friggin’ cool looking….it’s eye candy in electronic form. Now if only I had a HOUSE so I can have a nice spot in the corner office for my new toy!  Hmmm…one thing at a time I suppose….next stop….NEW LENSES.  I suspect at this rate I will be broke and on the streets next to the lost shoe I ran across yesterday.  Yeah ummm, I guess the lenses will have to wait awhile!

Happy Wednesday & please remember to smile at a stranger today!

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